Non-Violent English

Because English is now the common, uniting language of the European Union and most countries in the world, it is important to use English in a healthy, constructive way. This means using English in a way which will:

- Facilitate conflict prevention and peaceful conflict resolution.

- Increase understanding, empathy, caring and mutual respect.

Below are links to the writing of S. P. Hein and others which can be used to form the base of a training program we propose to call "Non-Violent English"

Non-Violent English can be described as:

A healther way of listening and speaking which is based on the natural relationship between our feelings and our needs -- with particular importance to our emotional needs. These include the emotional needs to feel accepted, cared about, appreciated, respected, safe, understood, valued. (See more emotional needs.)


Core Topics







Conflict Resolution

Emotional Literacy




Non-Violent Communication